So how do we create something that resembles speed/ability, conveys excitement, triggers emotion. Eg.?
Scooter Battery lifespan, battery too small
Rough CAD:
Not a smooth ride on gravel
Starting with problem 2 and 3 when adressing problem 1, two things become clear
2. If we place large battery Packs by the wheels we have more visual mass to get away from the slender look, and a more stable ride by lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle. Hence we adress problem 2 and 1 simultaneously by adding large battery packs by either side of the front wheel.
1. Bigger wheels gives a smoother ride aswell as adding to more visual mass, that will make the silhuette of the scooter look less slender. Hence we adress problem 1 and 3 simultaneously by adding bigger wheels.
Adressing problem 1, an attempt was made at understanding and adressing why the current models look bad, with the Segway Ninebot ES1&2 representing the unattractive look: The frame/structure of the Segway conveys lack of speed/power. It looks really passive as opposed to dynamic. Very sterile as opposed to aggresive. The thin slender/weak looking structure Can be compared to daddy longlegs or a crane.
Design ongoing Come back soon!
No attractive looking scooter models on market