Visual References that has inspired the idea are American Minimalist Installation Artists: Marc Thorpe Donald Judd Elmgreen & Dragset Non specific references are: Spaceships Land speed record vehicles to spacecraft and fast vehicles, an attempt to give the furniture an alluded “function” References that address the visual direction
Design Question: The question of form’s ability to allude at the potential of an ability or a function. Problem Statement: What would a form look like that draws heavily on references to allude at having the potential of an ability? Variables as listed in order of importance to derive at a design that addresses the problem statement optimally: Independent Variable Expression(Form) Dependent Variables Usability(Function) Production Methodology Sustainability Price
Historically, everything that has had a function, power or ability has been an entity displacing space. Spatiality and form is the common denominator between, examples from engines, to vehicles, to animals, to Minerals. We have come to understand that 3dimensions are necessary for things to posses execute and operate some kind of physical function. I want to illustrate this notion we have come to understand without realizing, the notion that we need form to possess an ability. I want to explore if the notion is powerful enough that by displacing form we can also induce a perceived suggested function. Especially by drawing references to things that have had a function like cars or spacecraft. Even insinuating the potential of an ability, functionality or feature. In this case the combination of alluded abilities is an attempt to make the viewer perceive the table as almost an entity on its own.
Functionality The curve end functions as an end to outline your body against whilst facing the table, elbows on top and the curvatuere receiving the hips.
Video of in-process exploration of the form factor
Visual Reference - Installation by Marc Thorpe and Tom Fords Santa Fe County Ranch The stark contrast of textures. Minimal surfaces with sharp edges against the rough textured desert. Inspired me in its way of enounciating the visual differences between what is manufactured and what is natural.
Three (Diverging Solutions)
The expression with a polished chrome look has reached a heavily manufactured look. Together with the dynamic non symmetric form, it suggests the shape as a specific purpose entity. Together with its large displacement and heavy visual mass it completed the attempt of alluding at the potential of an ability.
Adressing and highlighting the results in the order of the variables that the design is derived from. Expression Function
Four (converging to a solution)
Two (Converging to a problem statement )
One (Design Question Inspiration)
One Frame design question from background inspiration. Two Converge design question to problem statement. Derive design variables in order of importance. Three Explore form factor and establish visual direction. Source visual references. Four Iterate form, execute, render and conclude.